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Understanding the difference between hard and soft water

Understanding the difference between hard and soft water

Hard water, basically, is water that contains a high mineral content of various chemicals such as such as calcium and magnesium, and it is formed when naturally soft water spends time running through pipes or ground in which it is exposed to these minerals. Water picks up traces of the elements and becomes hard along the way. In order to transform hard water back into soft water, a treatment removes all minerals and elements and leaves behind only sodium ions.

Normally, hard water is more preferable to drink since it has essential minerals that benefit the body and can taste better. Soft water, on the other hand, tends to taste saltier and is not commonly preferred for drinking water.

Both types of water have positive and negative aspects, but it all boils down to household tasks. The use of hard water in washing items can result in grimy-looking clothes, dishes with residues or spots, and areas of lingering soap scum. Soap becomes significantly less effective when used with hard water as it does not lather richly. Soft water is much better for household chores, and this is the main reason why homeowners choose water softeners.

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