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House Water Treatment Systems Offer Whole Body Benefits

water softener dripping springs

Water touches nearly every aspect of people’s lives. Only one percent of water that comes into a home is used for drinking. The other 99 percent is working water, proving that the benefits of high-quality water extend far beyond the kitchen faucet. When water quality is sub-par, the effects reverberate throughout the home. The elements in hard water build up in pipes and appliances and cause increased wear on clothes and glassware because those elements are harder to clean.

Bathing in softened water leaves hair and skin softer and more hydrated than hard water. Soft water also:

  • Cuts down on cleaning time and costs
  • Keeps clothes cleaner and brighter
  • Helps keep dishes spot-free
  • Helps prevent soap scum and hard water deposits on bathroom fixtures
  • Helps protect against plumbing problems such as mineral scale build-up and pinhole leaks from acid water issues
  • Contributes to longer appliance life: appliances using soft water can last 30 percent longer
  • Saves on energy costs: water heaters function 30 percent more efficiently with soft water

The Water Quality Association reports laundry costs can double for people using hard water. Clothes become stiff and rough when hard water deposits react with chemicals in laundry detergents, and because more detergent is needed, colors fade and fabrics water up to 15 percent faster. Washing machines can wear out nearly 30 times faster when using hard water. In fact, any appliance that uses or processes water works less efficiently with hard water. From coffeemakers to hot water heaters, users will not experience the desired result without using soft water, made possible through treatment systems.

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