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The taste, smell, and sight of water contamination

The taste, smell, and sight of water contamination

Typically, a private well can last between 20 and 50 years, depending on the type and how well it was constructed. As a private water well owner, you need to be extra vigilant on what you see, taste, or smell in your water, as it could indicate possible contamination that may harm you and your family’s health.

It’s a best practice to have your water tested regularly for contamination, especially if your well is relatively old. Tell-tale signs of contamination are also detectable via taste, scent, and sight:

  • Taste – Chemical taste might indicate industrial waste or pesticide contamination. Metallic taste, on the other hand, might mean high iron content from worn out water pipes and other water fixtures
  • Scent – Rotten egg smell could mean bacterial contamination or high level of hydrogen sulphide gas
  • Sight – High turbidity could mean presence of dirt, clay or salt. Scum, on the other hand, could mean high level of salt

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