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The Best Drinking Water Systems in San Marcos for Better Tasting Drinking Water

Drinking Water System San Marcos TX

The Best Drinking Water Systems in San Marcos for Better Tasting Drinking Water

Your water out of the tap – you expect it to be pure and ready to drink. But is it? It’s important to know what is in your water and get it tested for contaminants. Well water and even municipally supplied water may contain bacteria, viruses, protozoa, or other contaminants. Drinking water systems work to ensure your water is clean and pure. For the best drinking water systems in San Marcos, look to Kinetico systems.

K5 Drinking Water Station Is One of the Best Drinking Water Systems in San Marcos

For maximum contaminant removal and the ability to supply higher volumes, Kinetico’s K5 Drinking Water Station is their most advanced system. The K5 uses reverse osmosis to remove more contaminants from the water than any other system. The lead-free faucets come in a variety of finishes to match any decor. This system is not only effective, but stylish as well! 

Features of the K5 Drinking Water Station include:

  • High level production – over 40 gallons a day
  • Efficient, non-electric, and automatic operation
  • 8 cartridge options to meet your specific needs
  • Quickflo technology to guarantee a strong water stream
  • Designer faucet options
  • Quick disconnect filters
  • 10-year warranty


For an effective and economical drinking water system in San Marcos, the Aquakinetic uses reverse osmosis technology to provide pure, clean water. 

Affordable and practical, the Aquakinetic features:

  • Space-efficient, compact size
  • Convenient, lead-free faucet
  • Quick disconnect filters

To See Which of the Best Drinking Water Systems Is Right for You, Request a Complimentary In-Home Water Test

To better understand your water, get a free and comprehensive water analysis from the drinking water specialists at American Water. We have over 28 years experience helping residents choose drinking water systems that are right for their households. We work with you to find a system that best meets your filtration needs and expectations. Our drinking water systems in San Marcos provide exceptional quality water. Call the experts if you’re ready to see a difference in your water today at 512-388-0022.

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