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Sodium contents in soft water

Sodium contents in soft water

Although water softeners eliminate unwanted minerals in your water, some people are skeptical about how sodium and other chemicals are added instead. You might feel wary that drinking softened water would increase your salt intake. However, there are some myths surrounding softened water that are worth knowing:

  • Most water softening systems are designed for household use – Separate drinking water systems are typically installed in households exclusively for drinking purposes.
  • Table salt is different from sodium bicarbonate – Table salt, scientifically referred to as sodium chloride, is different from sodium bicarbonate in structure and composition. Sodium bicarbonate aids in neutralization of gastric acids and may also help in metabolism.
  • The amount of sodium from softened water is almost always insignificant – Unlike other healthy food products that contain higher sodium content, such as orange juice and milk, the amount of sodium from softened water is normally tolerated by healthy people. However, individuals with health conditions should first consult their doctor whether it is safe to drink softened water.

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