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water softener dripping springs

Before Kinetico installation is a GE water softener. Notice the salt build up on the left side of the system. The electronics are also enclosed in a salt water environment. Kinetico systems are non-electric. All in one units like this do not have a very long life and are not recommended by Consumer’s Digest. Also they do not have a dechlorinator. Chlorine is shortens the life of softening medias and is hard on o-rings and gaskets in your home.

water softener dripping springs
New Kinetico 2030S Water Softener and 1030 Dechlorinator

Kinetico 2030S water softener and 1030 dechlorinator. The water hardness before the system is 14 gpg and 0 gpg after. The chlorine level before was 1.5 ppm and 0 ppm after. The Kinetico system’s efficiency will reduce the salt usage per regeneration from 6 pounds with the GE to 1.7 pounds. The customer is also now enjoying chlorine free showers.

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