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More About Saltless Water Systems

More About Saltless Water Systems

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Have you noticed that your skin or hair is drier, or seen that your sinks are riddled with stains? If so, you may have a hard water problem.

Why You Need a Water Softener

A water softener can help a number of issues of when dealing with hard water. Water softeners remove magnesium and calcium from the water and replace it with sodium ions. By softening your hard water, your appliances last longer. The build up from hard water can cause your appliances to break down faster than they normally would. This is also true for plumbing. Limescale build up causes low flow, which can lead to water leakage. Since it’s harder for water to flow, you may notice that your water bill gets higher.

How Salt-Free Systems Work

There are two different types of water softeners: ones that require salt and ones that don’t. Saltless water softeners don’t remove magnesium and calcium the same way water softeners that use salt do. Instead, they transform the magnesium and calcium chemically in order to condition the water. They are sometimes called water conditioners because of this.

Benefits of Saltless Water Systems

Saltless water systems are good for companies and homes that need water softening but don’t have a lot of space. These systems don’t require any electricity to operate and don’t produce any discharge. Salt-free systems can fit almost anywhere indoors or outdoors. After installing a water softener, you may notice that your clothes are be cleaner and your dishes spotless after washing.

With water systems that require salt, there is sodium still left in the water. If you need to reduce sodium intake or have cardiovascular issues that require a salt-free diet, then you don’t want to have to ingest any extra sodium in your water.

Salt water softeners require a lot of water to operate, so if you want to have a greener lifestyle, you’ll want to choose a salt free system. These systems don’t require much maintenance and are the perfect choice if you want to enjoy more conditioned water without all the hassle. One of the complaints of salt-based water systems is that the water can feel too slippery. Saltless water systems don’t give water the slippery feel.

Tired of Hard Water in Austin or Surrounding Communities?

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