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Massal Install – Kinetico 2030S Water Softener

water softener dripping springs
Original "Saltless" Water Softener (NOT Kinetico)

This is a Pelican “saltless” water system (Not our installation). The water hardness before the system was 9 gpg and the same 9 gpg after. The customer was not satisfied with the results and wanted the benefits of soft water. “Saltless” water softeners are not water softeners and therefore do not give the benefits of soft water such as eliminating water spots, soap scum, and build-up in appliances.

water softener dripping springs
Kinetico 2030S Water Softener

We were able to us the carbon tank of the Pelican system for dechlorination. The water hardness before the Kinetico was 9 gpg and 0 gpg after. The installation took approximately 3 hours and the customer is now enjoying soft water.

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