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Maintaining safe distances between water wells and contamination

A significant number of Americans rely heavily on private wells as their water source. Because these water sources are not regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, people drawing water from high-risk wells are more prone to waterborne diseases.

Apart from shallow well types, failing to keep a safe distance between your water well and potential sources of contamination may introduce risks to the health of your family. Here are possible sources of water contamination typically present around the home, and the ideal distance between them and the well:

  • Septic tanks and septic leach fields – 50 ft
  • Silos – 50 ft
  • Livestock – 50 ft
  • Petroleum tanks – 100 ft
  • Manure storage – 100 ft
  • Fertilizer storage – 100 ft
  • Manure stacks – 250 ft

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