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Maintaining a Kinetico Water Softener in Cedar Park

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Maintaining a Kinetico Water Softener in Cedar Park

Intentionally designed to require very little maintenance compared to other water softeners, Kinetico products do need occasional attention. Kinetico’s ingenious design helps ensure your water softener in Cedar Park doesn’t end up costing homeowners a lot of money after installation. Unexpected cold weather events may affect how often you need to maintain your water softener. A boil advisory due to water supply contamination may also require maintenance for your system.

How to Maintain Your Kinetico Water Softener in Cedar Park

There are three basic maintenance steps for your water softener. Maintain proper salt levels, check your filter for clogs, and call your local water softening experts for necessary repairs. You may need to refill salt brine about every two months. The length of time between fill ups depends on how much water your household uses daily. It’s a good idea to set a calendar reminder for the first of the month following installation, and then every eight weeks thereafter.

Your water softener filter may need replacement from time to time, such as after water contamination. While your water is contaminated, it is important that your water not be run through your softening system. Another sign that you need a new filter cartridge is if your water pressure decreases. This indicates that the filter is likely clogged. You may be able to simply clean your filter. However, if your filter is nearing time to replace, go ahead and replace it.

How Often to Maintain Your Kinetico Water Softener

Your Kinetico water softener in Cedar Park does not need maintenance often, as mentioned above. It runs daily without needing assistance very often.  Make sure that your salt tank never runs out of key softening ingredients, salts and regenerant. As mentioned above, refill salt every eight weeks or so, as needed. The resin beads, which remove calcium and magnesium from water, can last nearly 20 without needing to be replaced. It’s very likely that you will never have to replace them while you own your home.

If you have any questions about maintaining your water softener or other residential water product, it is always best to call an expert. Softeners are an investment, and you want to properly care for your investment. This ensures you will have soft water for years to come.

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