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Does a Kinetic Water Softener Offer Cost Savings Over Electric Water Softeners?

Does a Kinetic Water Softener Offer Cost Savings Over Electric Water Softeners?

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In 1970, Kinetico® transformed the water softener market with a new, more environmentally and economically efficient non-electrical design. Their kinetic design allows the system to work with hydraulic power alone.

Yes, Installing a Kinetic Water Softener Near Austin Saves You Money

There are several money-saving advantages to having less electronic components involved in your household water treatment system.

Here’s how kinetic water softeners help you save:

  1. No costly repair bills for broken electronics. One of your main concerns as a consumer when it comes to electronic water softener systems is how long will it last before you need to replace a part. With hydraulic powered machinery, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your electronic components again.
  2. No offline regeneration. Save yourself the cost and hassle of supplying bottled water when you need extra water softened for guests or other reasons. The Kinetico water softener dual-tank design allows one tank to always be readily available. The other is either regenerating or on stand-by, so you’ll never have to wait for soft water to become available.
  3. Prolonged life span of resin beads. Your local water source filters through the Kinetico® water softener system through a resin bed. The bed is made up of several tiny spheres made of polystyrene called ion exchange resin beads, which ‘clean’ your hard water. They trap the unwanted components, which allows softened water to filter into the pipes in your house for use. Our twin tank design allows for two resin beds to be used alternately, and our resin beds can last up to twice as long!
  4. More efficient water softening treatment customized for your home. The AccuDial feature allows for the most efficient water treatment experience, customizable to your needs. It allows for a more precise calibration per your home’s specific water conditions, reducing waste and unnecessary cost.
  5. A simple and reliable design. With no timers or computers, there’s no worry or fuss. No adjustments or resetting – just crisp and clean soft water.

Kinetico® Water Softener Systems in Round Rock Do More Than Save You Money Compared to Other Softeners

Tired of living with hard water and all of its unwanted effects, such as a foul smell and taste to your tap water? Or dry hair and skin? A water softener will provide fresh, clean water that tastes much better than untreated water. It also reduces stress on your water pipes from mineral buildup, and it helps restore your skin’s natural softness.

Your water treatment system is a long-term investment, so you should feel confident about what you buy. We provide the most comprehensive warranties in the business, so you never have to worry about expensive repairs or replacement systems. Contact us today for your free in-home water analysis and quote to find out what all the hype is about!

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