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Is There Lead in Drinking Water?

Lead Filter for Drinking Water

Is There Lead in Drinking Water?

Lead is a toxic, metallic element that makes its way into drinking water as it flows through old lead-containing pipes. Is your water affected by this element? Here’s how to tell and what you can do about lead in drinking water.

Here’s How to Find Out if There Is Lead in Drinking Water!

Contaminants may get into the city water supply or even from the old pipes supplying your home or in your home. There are two ways to determine if you should be concerned. First, the EPA requires that city water be tested and results made available to the public. Checking your city water report is your first step. Second, get a comprehensive water analysis. Testing your home’s water gives you information about the quality of your drinking water, including amounts of contaminants like lead.

But, Is Lead Toxic?

Lead causes serious health issues, and there is no safe amount for your drinking water. It is especially problematic for pregnant women, infants, and children, causing problems with brain and physical development, and even behavior issues. For adults, lead is linked to high blood pressure, kidney damage, and cardiovascular problems. 

A Water Filter Can Help Eliminate This Metallic Element in Your Tap Water!

Finding out that your home has lead is scary! It’s important to take steps to protect your family and remove the lead. Installing a water filter can effectively remove lead and other contaminants from your home’s drinking water. An effective, quality reverse osmosis system can remove up to 99.1% of lead in drinking water. 

The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station Is Top of the Line!

The K5 is a top of the line reverse osmosis system. You get more than 40 gallons of drinking water per day, and QuickFlo technology ensures a strong stream of water. Eight separate cartridges allow you to customize your filtration to your water supply, so you’ll have quality drinking water that is convenient too.

Need a Free Water Test to Find Out if You Have Lead in Drinking Water?

Want to learn more about your water quality? Call our experts here at American Water today at 512-388-0202 to book a free test to find out if there is lead or other contaminants in your water! We offer high-quality and effective Kinetico water filtration systems, so you always have clean, tasty water right at the tap.

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