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Hundreds of living center residents drinking contaminated water

Hundreds of living center residents drinking contaminated water

Nearly six hundred residents at three State Supported Living Centers in Texas have been exposed to toxic amounts of lead from the water they were drinking.

Reports said the water in Supported Living Centers in San Angelo, Brenham, and El Paso was discovered to have increased levels of lead similar to the toxic water found in Flint, Michigan. Hundreds of disabled Texans in the facility apparently drank the contaminated water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires water systems to take action to reduce lead levels in water systems, and they believe that water should be 100 percent free from the toxic metal for it to be considered completely safe. 590 residents, ranging from age 10 to 89, are housed among the three affected facilities.

Many people suffer serious illnesses as a result of drinking contaminated water every year. If you own or run a business and want to make sure that your water is safe, get in touch with the American Water TX experts in Austin. Find out how we may treat your water system and learn more about our services by calling (512) 388-0022.

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