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How Water Softener Works

Hard water is when the water contains a significant amount of magnesium, calcium, or other minerals. These minerals find their way into your water supply when they are dissolved off of soil and rock in the surrounding area. Mineral build up inside your pipes or on your kettles, heaters, or other machinery is called scaling, and it can eventually cause serious clogging. Hard water also reduces soap’s ability to lather, making it hard for you to clean things in your home.

Hard water is usually solved by running the water through a softener. This process changes calcium and magnesium to a more preferable mineral, such as sodium, which will not cause a build up in pipes or hinder soap’s ability to clean.

The switching of ions occurs in a tank where negatively charged beads are mixed with the positively charged sodium ions. As water flows, the ions swap places and the sodium ions are carried out.

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