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How to Stay Hydrated During the Capitol 10K

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How to Stay Hydrated During the Capitol 10K

Running a 10K takes a lot of work and total commitment. Undoubtedly, you have been training your body to be able to complete the Capitol 10K for weeks, months, or maybe even years now. While you have been getting your body in tip-top shape beforehand, don’t forget to plan how you will care for it during the race. For such a long run, proper hydration with clean water is absolutely necessary.

Here are some ways you can stay hydrated while running the Capital 10K.

Using a Hydration Pack

Hydration packs are convenient to use while running. A hydration pack is worn like a backpack and has a hose with an end that can be used similarly to a straw. They can hold between 50 and 70 ounces of water and have the benefit of being almost completely hands-free, so you can keep running while hydrating. Hydration packs also have extra pockets so you can store other items, such as protein bars, for your run. They do have the downfall of being heavy. If you are carrying 70 ounces of water, the pack can weigh several pounds.

Belt that Holds Water Bottles

These belts come with 2-4 reusable 10-ounce bottles. This means you can easily carry water, coconut water, or other hydrating drinks. There is also a pocket for your keys and any snacks you want to carry. The belt is made to be balanced so it will have minimal interference with your running. Keep in kind that 40 ounces of water may not be enough for you, so you may need to plan for refilling on your run.

Create Dry Aid Stations

If you prefer to run with nothing on, you can plan ahead. Get some small coolers and fill them with water and snacks. Place them in shady areas along the route, so you can make planned spots to hydrate and refuel. The benefit to this is that you can keep your fluids cold. The downfall is that you only will be able to hydrate when you reach these stations, instead of hydrating on the go.

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