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How to Establish a Well Water System in Georgetown

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How to Establish a Well Water System in Georgetown

Having a private well water system in your residence can be a good way to sustain your home on your own. You can either use it as your primary water supply for your home in Georgetown, or you can use it for irrigation purposes – it’s really up to you. If you’re considering getting one of your own, here’s how you can establish a well water system in Georgetown.

Determine Where to Locate the Well

Ideally, you should install a well on an elevated plane so that it stays clear of contaminants. If it is located at the bottom a hill, there is a great chance for contaminants to gather there and make their way in to the underground water supply.

In addition to that, your well’s location should be easily accessible. This will make it easier to perform maintenance checkups and cleaning of the well. Also, check your state’s guidelines about well water placement. It has to be a specific amount of distance away from contamination sources.

Install a Water Pump

Your well will need a water pump for the water to be transported from the well to your home’s water supply. There are different kinds of water pumps that you can use for a well water system on your property. Some of these include jet pumps, a submersible pump, and a turbine pump. Consult your well contractor on which of these is best suited to your needs and budget.

If you plan to make the well system your home’s primary water supply, get a water pump that removes water from the source and pumps it to your home’s water supply system.

Install a Water Pressure Tank

The water from your well will be stored in a water pressure tank. The pressure tank stores water and provides pressure when the pump is not being used. In addition to that, it accumulates water and creates a reserve supply when the pump works. This ensures that you don’t run out of water at some point of the day.

Determine where you want the pressure tank to be stored in your property. Keep it relatively close to the well. This way you won’t need long pipes for the water to travel from the well to the storage. You can save on some costs this way.

An additional storage tank can come handy during a power outage, so make sure that that’s not too far from your home. It may be cumbersome to carry water from the tank to your home if it’s a long walk. Consult a professional for the ideal location to place your water tanks.

Ensure that the Well’s Size Suits Your Needs

The width and depth of your well will depend on how much water you need. For a home of two to four people you’ll need approximately 200-300 gallons of water each day. This may vary from one home to the other; thus, consult a professional to help you decide.

Installing a well water system on your property will be a long process. However, once the process is complete, the benefit of having one surely trumps the cost of getting it made.

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