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How to Choose Water Systems in Pflugerville

Water Systems Pflugerville TX

How to Choose Water Systems in Pflugerville

Choosing from water systems in Pflugerville to help manage your hard water? If your home has hard water, a new softening system will remove the hard particles and improve your water, helping to eliminate problems like mineral build up, staining, and poor taste. But what is a water softener and how do you know which one you need?

Water softeners are systems that filter water through negatively charged resin beads, which attract the positively charged hard particles. After you’ve figured out your water quality and assessed your usage needs, it’s time to look at the water softening systems. Here are some options and features to consider.

Dual-Tank Water Softeners

These softeners feature two resin tanks so water is always available, even with the high water demands of a large household. The Kinetico Mach 4040 is the perfect softening system for Pflugerville homes with particularly challenging water considerations. This high flow, non-electric system uses a fine mesh resin to remove hardness and chlorine. One tank has water ready to go while the other is in regeneration mode. This model also features chloramine to reduce contaminants.

Water Systems in Pflugerville for Well Water

The Kinetico Mach 2030 is customizable for your well water‘s specific conditions. Effective at removing hardness and iron, it is also economical. Featuring a twin tank, the non-electric system keeps water available on-demand. The countercurrent regeneration ensures better water quality for the home-owner.

Single Tank, Electric Systems

Best for Pflugerville homes with more moderate hard water challenges, the Kinetico Electric Powerline Series removes up to 100 grains of hardness. The system economically prevents many effects of hard water such as mineral deposits, scale buildup, and iron stains.

Do you need a water softener? Have your water tested by one of our experts to see which product is best for you!

Our experts are ready to assist you in making the right water softening system choice for your Pflugerville home. We offer free in-home water tests to determine which softening system is best for your home needs based on a number of factors, including your water usage. If you’re ready to see a difference in your water, call us today at 512-388-0022!

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