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How safe is my “milky” water?

Water drawn from your tap may appear milky or cloudy when air bubbles form in the water. You may notice that after several seconds, the water clears from the bottom up. It means the appearance is caused by air bubbles and the water is generally safe to drink.

However, if the milkiness of the tap water persists or doesn’t go away immediately, chances are the cloudiness is not being caused by air bubbles, but by impurities dissolved in the water. These impurities may include metallic trace elements, organic and inorganic matters, and other microscopic organisms.

Water impurities may come from a myriad of different sources: runoff from watersheds, rivers and lakes, erosion of mineral deposits underground, or even waste discharges from treatment and industrial plants. These and more may possibly lead to the promotion of pathogens in your water system, making you and your family at higher risk of waterborne diseases.

Our team of water filter specialists at American Water knows how important it is for Austin families to have pure and safe drinking water. To have your drinking water tested for free, and to understand more the drinking water filter systems that we can offer, call our office at 512-388-0022 today.

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