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How lead can get into your water

Lead can be found abundantly in many different materials, such as gasoline, ammunitions, batteries, solders, pipes, house paints, and even in toys. Due to its known health hazards, rules and regulations have been set to prohibit or reduce the use of lead in many of these common products.

But no matter how infrequently lead is used today, this harmful element may still find its way into your water, putting your family’s health at great risk. Lead in your water could be a result of:

  • A private water well that is more than 20 years old. Lead can be found in the packer seal, or the part of your water well which separates the well from the screen underground. The lead may dissolve, causing it to mix with water.
  • Water components made of leaded-brass, such as submersible pumps, faucets, vales, and coolers.
  • Lead-containing solder used to bind copper water pipes.

To protect your family from harm caused by lead in water, equip your home with drinking and well water systems designed to get rid of water contaminants, including lead. To learn more about the products that can help you keep your family safe, consult with our team at American Water TX by calling (512) 388-0022 today.

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