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Water Filtration Austin

How Does a Whole-Home Water Filter Near Austin Work?

If the water supply to your home has issues, then you consider adding a whole-home water filter to eliminate hard water. Pure water at every tap in your home is so important. Millions of homes have installed filtration systems whether they’re on a city water supply or have a well. How does a whole-home water filter near Austin work? You can customize your water filtration system based on your home’s specific needs. Here are how various filters work to provide you with clean water.

Water Filter Near Austin 101: How Water Softeners Work

Excess minerals in your water supply are the culprits behind hard water. Minerals can cause many issues, from build up in plumbing to itchy skin. A water softener contains negatively charged resin beads that attract the minerals like calcium and magnesium to remove them from the water, resulting in soft water. 

How Dechlorinators Work

If you have city water, you’ve probably noticed the smell and taste of the added chlorine. Municipal water is treated with chlorine to remove microbes that can harm us, but the added chlorine may cause issues in your home. Adding a dechlorinator to your water filtration system effectively removes the chlorine.

How Chloramine Reduction Systems Work

Chloramines are secondary disinfectants that help clean your water, but they can give water an unpleasant taste, among other issues. Adding a chloramine reduction system helps lower the chloramine content in the water using a carbon filter. 

How a Neutralizer Works With a Water Filter Near Austin

For pH issues, adding a neutralizer controls pH levels to prevent acidic corrosion. A mineral called calcite dissolves in the acidic water when it enters the tank and raises the pH of the water.

How UV Light Sterilizers Work

Ultraviolet light sterilizers use UV light to eliminate nearly all bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water supply. The chemical-free process won’t change the taste of the water but eliminates as much as 99.9% of pathogens.

Signs You Need A Whole-Home Water Filter Near Austin

Some contaminants are odorless and detectable only with an in-depth water analysis. Hard water issues and the presence of chlorine is easier to spot. Here are some signs that you may need a filter.

  • Buildup on faucets
  • Low water pressure
  • Dingy laundry
  • Odd taste or smell
  • Discolored pipes

Schedule a Complimentary Water Analysis Today

The first step in choosing a whole-house water filter near Austin is to learn about your water supply with a complete water analysis. The water professionals at American Water perform a test and work with you to choose a customized water filtration system for your home. Ready to learn more? Contact us today at 512-388-0022!

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