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How arsenic seeps into your water wells

How arsenic seeps into your water wells

Arsenic is a trace element that naturally occurs in the environment. The presence of arsenic in drinking water systems has been the cause of a myriad of different health conditions. Among them are scaling of skin, increased risk of lung, bladder, kidney and liver cancers, reduced IQ, and mental impairment.

This dangerous element has its own ways of finding itself in private water wells. Arsenic combined with other chemicals used for agricuture, for instance, may seep into the ground and leak into water systems. Arsenic released into the air by industries could settle into the ground or be moved into the ground by rain or snow. Once in the soil, it may leak into the water system, which creates a risk of arsenic poisoning.

Boiling your water is not a long-term solution to eliminate arsenic. You need to install reliable drinking water systems to clear away all contaminants. To see our list of products that use the latest reverse osmosis and water filtration systems, or to get your water tested for arsenic and other chemicals, speak with our team of Austin water filtration experts at American Water TX by calling (512) 388-0022 today.

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