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Hendricks Testimonial

Kinetico has been making water better for a long time now. Larry Hendricks shares a story of his Kinetico installation that lasted long enough that he became a returning customer.

In 1982 I bought my first water softener and installed it. It was not Kinetico but at that time I did not know anything about a water softener other than when you take a shower you get more suds from the soap.

water softener dripping springs
An Old Workhorse Kinetico Water Softener

This really didn’t happen so I invested (at that time) about $3.00 in a test kit and found the water was not soft. My water bill had also increased because it was a single tank with a timer that would run every day whether anyone used water or not.

I started asking questions about water softeners and found that one company built a softener that would only rejuvenate after you used so many gallons of water. It was Kinetico. In 1983 I traded in my old water softener and bought a Kinetico.

I had no trouble until about 3 years after I bought it and found out it had a factory defect. I called the company and they sent a repair man out and replaced the bladders in the tanks. After that I had two more problems with the head getting dirt in it (not the fault of the water softener) and the second time the repair man suggested that I put a sediment filter before the water softener. I did so and also added a chlorine filter as well.

That was in 1995. There hasn’t been a repair man here since and I’m getting the same quality water as if I were buying bottled water.

I’m replacing the old one with a new Kinetico for a couple of reasons. Nothing manufactured lasts forever and although it did last for 28 years this one is no exception. The other reason is because of the good deal I was offered by American Water of Round Rock. They also have a very good and qualified service department.

water softener dripping springs
The New Kinetico Water Softener

Here is to another 28 years (or more) service with Kinetico and American Water.

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