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Guidelines for choosing a home water filtration system

Guidelines for choosing a home water filtration system

In choosing a purification method for your home water system, there are several things to consider before deciding on a filtration system. Houzz, a home remodeling and design platform, listed the following things to consider before choosing a system for your home:

  1. Know what you are removing from the system. You may test the water yourself by using at-home test kits or consulting a laboratory.
  2. Learn about the kind of filter needed. Some contaminants may be removed through the use of activated carbon filters, while there are other purification systems – reverse osmosis, distillation, etc. — that can be used to remove other particles.
  3. Plan the filter’s location. Whole-house or point-of-entry systems filter water before it enters the house, while the point-of-use system filters the water just before using it.
  4. Find an NSF-certified system. The National Sanitation Foundation seal on products mean that they are tested and proven.
  5. Check current system. If your current system was purchased a long time ago, an upgrade may be necessary as regulations have changed over the years.

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