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Flooding and Water Quality

When many people think of Texas, they picture sunny, dry deserts and cracked soil. But in reality, many areas of Texas, especially Austin, are subject to flash flood risks. Flash floods have affected the Austin community for many years and have just recently recovered from the flooding in the beginning of the year. Aside from well-known flood damages such as broken infrastructure, road closures, and bodily injuries, the physical water quality after a flood can also be a major issue.

When flooding occurs, the overflow can create serious risks with water contamination. After a flood, it is important to check your water for any possible hazardous consequences. Many are aware of the closing of both Lake Austin and Lady Bird Lake following the flash floods earlier this year. This is because floodwater can contain dangerous substances and affect local water systems. Ways that flooding can cause issues with water quality include,

  • Leaking of sewage
  • Waterborne infections
  • Damage to underground piping
  • Overflow of toxins and chemicals
  • Pollution to bodies of standing water

Especially if you own a private well, which is highly susceptible to flood damages, then it is important to get the assistance of water specialists to ensure your safety. At American Water TX, our Austin water softener and filter team have the resources to ensure that you are not dealing with an unsafe water source. We will use our over 28 years of experience to help you determine your next steps in improving your water system. Contact American Water TX at (512) 388-0022 today.

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