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Is Filtered Water for Pets Safe

Filtered Water for Pets: Is It Safe?

You know it’s safe for you and your family, but is filtered water for pets safe? Here’s the scoop on whether your fur baby should have filtered water!

What Is Filtered Water?

There are many types of filters for water. Some are better than others, but the goal is always the same – to remove harmful contaminants and impurities from your water. 

What Types of Water Contaminants Should I Be Concerned About?

According to the EPA, there are four types of contaminants you should be worried about: 

  • Physical: Debris that can be seen in the water with the naked eye
  • Chemical: Metals and pesticides
  • Biological: Viruses, bacteria, and parasites
  • Radiological: Can include but is not limited to uranium, plutonium, and cesium

Is Filtered Water for Pets Safe?

The short answer is absolutely! If contaminants aren’t safe for you, they’re not safe for your pets. It’s just common sense! So, let’s look at the benefits of providing your pets with filtered water:

  • Hydration: It’s just as important for your pets to stay hydrated as it is for you and like you, they won’t want water that tastes bad. Filtered water tastes good. It stands to reason the better it tastes, the more your pets will drink.
  • Protection from toxins: Not every city processes water the same. You might think your water is safe, but the truth is that to keep your pets safe from toxins, you’ll want to take control of how the water in your home is filtered. Toxins lead to illnesses, which lead to expensive vet bills. Don’t risk the health of your pet.
  • Tear staining: Have you noticed tear staining under your pet’s eyes? That can be a sign of a poor water quality.
  • Less chlorine: Chlorine is great for keeping pools safe, but it’s not safe for pets. Your pet’s digestive system is a bit more sensitive than yours, and it’s not built to withstand chlorine.
  • Improve overall quality of life: This doesn’t just apply to your pets but to you and your family as well. Filtered water is better for your health, plumbing, appliances, skin, hair, laundry, and even your plants! Take a moment to think about how much you need water and how it impacts almost every single aspect of your life. 

I Need to Make Sure My Water is Safe! Who Should I Trust to Help Me With Safe Home Water Filtration in Round Rock?

The experts at American Water have made sure thousands of families just like yours have access to safe water. Not sure if your water is safe? No problem! We offer a free water analysis. Interested in a quote for a home water filtration system? The quote is also free! Contact us at 512-388-0022 today to request your appointment.

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