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EPA, UT simulate water models over flooding concerns

EPA, UT simulate water models over flooding concerns

Once again, following a season of flooding in central Texas, concerns regarding the water quality of the area arose. Citing these fears, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas a $3.9 million grant.

An associate professor from UT that’s been included in the program, Dr. Ben Hodges, claims that the grant money will be put towards creating water infrastructure models, meant to study where flooding collects and flows. Alongside UT and EPA cooperation, other partners and participants include the Urban Watersheds Research Institute, a nonprofit that works in improving water standards from their base in Denver; Texas Tech University; Brigham Young University; and North Carolina State University.

It is Dr. Hodges’ hope that, through community involvement and support, the models will become self-sustaining after the end of the program or when involvement from the original team dissolves. Furthermore, when the grant money runs out, the study contributors will be turning to funding from private firms and businesses.

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