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Drinking Water Quality: What You Should Know

Quality of Drinking Water

Drinking Water Quality: What You Should Know

As you care for your home and family, it is very natural that you want to be aware of the quality of your drinking water. But what exactly makes drinking water safe? Here is what you need to know about drinking water quality and what it means for your safety.

Your Water May Come From a Few Places

You may get your water from a public ground or surface water source or a private well. If you drink your water from a public water system in the United States, it is regulated by the EPA. Those with a private water supply are in charge of keeping their own water supply safe. 

If the water quality in your area is not up to par, your water provider must notify you. The annual Consumer Confidence Report should contain information on the quality of water in your area. You can also send in samples of your water for testing to laboratories. This is especially necessary if you have a private well. 

Several Factors Can Affect Drinking Water Quality

Several types of materials can contaminate water, including lead, heavy metals, parasites, and bacteria. Contaminants can come from the original source of water, as well as old pipes. Each of those contaminants can negatively impact the gastrointestinal, neurological, reproductive, and developmental health of consumers. 

Hard Water Can Affect More Than Just Your Health

Hard water, which is water that contains heavy metals and minerals, is not always harmful to your health. However, hard water can reduce the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, damage your hair, skin, appliances, pipes, and other belongings. 

Water Impurities Can Be Removed With the Right System

Whether you are worried about contaminants, hard water, or both, there are plenty of water systems that you can use to remedy the situation.

Experience the Highest Level of Drinking Water Quality

American Water Works hard to make sure that you have the best drinking water quality in your home. We have a beautiful array of whole-home water softeners and drinking water systems. Please give us a call at 512-388-0202 to make an appointment as soon as possible for your free in-home water test!

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