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Two Kinetico Drinking Water Systems in Round Rock to Make Your Water Taste Better

Drinking Water System Round Rock TX

Two Kinetico Drinking Water Systems in Round Rock to Make Your Water Taste Better

Clean, fresh tasting water at the tap is important. Not only is water essential for our good health, but having it at the tap means you save money on bottled water and create less waste. Water, even municipal water, that comes into the home may be contaminated. The solution? Home water systems to remove contaminants to ensure clean, better tasting water. Here are two top-of-the-line drinking water systems in Round Rock.

K5 Drinking Water Station

This system, offered by Kinetico, is an advanced reverse osmosis drinking water purifier which helps separate unwanted particles from water. The cutting-edge technology is certified to remove more contaminants than other systems. It also keeps up with high water demand with a capacity of over 40 gallons a day! Reasons to consider this drinking water system in Round Rock include:

  • Removes the greatest number of contaminants.
  • Produces more than 40 gallons of clean water each day.
  • Non-electric  and automatic operation that is highly efficient.
  • Customizable to meet your specific needs. 
  • QuickFlo technology guarantees a strong water stream, so you get your water faster. No standing around waiting too long for the coffee pot to fill.
  • Beautiful, designer faucet options that are lead-free and in a variety of finishes that compliment your decor.
  • Quick-disconnect filters.

AquaKinetic A200 Drinking Water Systems in Round Rock

If you’re looking for an effective, economical and budget friendly option, Kinetico’s AquaKinetic A200 may be the system for you. It offers the clean tasting water you’d expect from a Kinetico system in a compact size to better suit small spaces. Like the K5 Drinking Water Station, the faucet is made of lead-free materials, and the filters are quick disconnect. 

Ready to learn more about your drinking water? The water professionals at American Water offer a free, comprehensive water analysis, so you can find out more about the quality of the water coming out of your tap. With nearly three decades of experience, we have helped many happy customers choose drinking water systems in Round Rock that are just right for their unique needs. Call us today at 512-388-0022 or book your free in-home water analysis online now!

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