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Do I Need A Whole House Filter In Bastrop?

Whole House Water Filter Bastrop

Do I Need A Whole House Filter In Bastrop?

Many homes struggle with water supply issues, from contaminants to excess minerals causing hard water problems. If you turn to purchasing bottled drinking water, struggle to keep faucets free of buildup, and deal with other water issues, installing a whole house water filter in Bastrop is the most comprehensive and effective solution to provide your home with a steady supply of clean water. 

How can you tell if you need a whole house filter in Bastrop? Look for these clues to water quality.

Look At Your Pipes

Staining on your plumbing, often green or reddish, is a sign of water contaminants. Take the time to look at your pipes. Minerals and other water contaminants are hard on your plumbing and can lead to costly repairs and replacements. A whole house filter protects your plumbing and saves you money in the long run.  

Odors From Your Water Mean It’s Time For a Whole House Filter in Bastrop

If you’re buying bottled water because of the taste or smell of your tap water, you probably need a whole house filter. Contaminants like sulfur, copper, algae, and others cause odors in your water. A whole house filter removes contaminants leaving you with cleaner, tastier water. 

Buildup on Faucets and Fixtures

White, crusty limescale can build up on your faucets, sinks, tubs, and more. If you’re struggling to keep your kitchen and bathroom free of limescale, a whole house filter removes excess minerals. 

Dry, Itchy Skin? 

Minerals and contaminants can worsen dry skin issues. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin, a whole house system may help. Showering in water free of excess minerals and contaminants is better for your skin. Soap also lathers more when water is filtered, leaving your skin and hair cleaner.

A professional water test is the best way to determine whether you need a whole-home filtration system.

Get your water tested by a professional. Knowing the details of your water quality indicates what type of whole house filter is needed to remedy your water issues.

If your home has water issues from excess minerals or contaminants, the professionals at American Water are ready to help you with a whole house water filter in Bastrop. We will find the system perfect for your personal water usage needs. We have a variety of systems to choose from. Call our experts if you’re ready to test your water and enjoy the benefits of a whole house water filter today at 512-388-0022!

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