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Detect water leaks in three easy steps

Detect water leaks in three easy steps

Even a tiny leak along your water line could cost a huge amount of money to repair. As such, it is important for you to check if your water line is free from any leaks. One common way to check for a leak is through visually inspecting valves and pipes for any signs of water leaks. Smaller leaks, however, might be more difficult to locate without checking your whole house water meter.

To check for leaks using a whole house water meter, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all water in the house. Water equipment, such as dishwashers, water softeners, and humidifiers, should be turned off too.
  2. Locate the water meter. If you can’t locate your water meter, call your water district for assistance.
  3. Typical water meters have a small dial called the slow flow or leak indicator. It detects slow flow of water that might indicate leaks. If you notice that the dial keeps moving even if the whole water system is turned off, chances are you have a leak in your house that needs to be repaired soon.

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