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Couple builds a healthy home with clean water

Couple builds a healthy home with clean water

A couple whose children suffered from serious allergies was on a nine-month quest to build a modern and functional home, according to an article on the Leader-Post.

After searching for a house, Azalea Jin and David Duquette spotted a contender still under construction and saw a chance to customize their own home. Within five months, the couple was able to construct a state-of-the-art home with high-tech water features to meet their needs. These modern advancements included the installation of a Kinetico 2100 F water treatment system that efficiently filters the home’s water supply. This filtration system removes particles and contaminants from the residential water source, not to mention eradicates strange odors or unwanted tastes. Additionally, this Kinetico water filter neutralizes the pH of water, making it a great, healthy option for this couple and their allergy-prone children.

To be sure they had the best quality water throughout heir newly constructed home, the couple had the same filtration system installed on every tap, providing the benefits of filtered water even in the bathroom faucets and showers so their family could improve their skin and hair too. Fortunately, Austin residents may take advantage of the same technology with the help of the water filtration specialists at American Water TX.

If your family is searching for added health benefits of pristinely filtered water, a Kinetico water filtration system could be the perfect solution. Contact our Austin water experts with American Water TX at (512) 388-0022 today to further discuss your options and find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that works for you.

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