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Consumers Digest Names Kinetico Water Softeners Best Buy for 2012

Consumers Digest Names Kinetico Water Softeners Best Buy for 2012

In their 2012 evaluation for consumer products, Consumers Digest rated Kinetico systems their “Best Buy,” in the water softeners category. The publication analyzed water softening systems based on their build quality, salt usage, total capacity and warranty support. Kinetico models given Consumers Digest’s best buy designation include the 2030s, 2060s and 2100s.

Water Softeners Representing Exceptional Value

According to Consumers Digest, the Kinetico water softeners represent exceptional value in today’s marketplace. This isn’t the first time Kinetico products have been recognized for their excellence. Since 1990, Kinetico products have been featured in the publication and received the Best Buy designation before.

Find Which Kinetico Water Softener is Right for You

All of the systems evaluated by Consumers Digest are sold world-wide through authorized, independent dealers. To find out which Kinetico system is right for you, start by browsing our common water problems FAQ or give us a call at (512) 388-0022. We offer free in home water tests to find the optimal treatment for your water. In addition, we’ll also educate you on the options available to improve the quality of your water and help you make an informed choice that’s right for you and your family.

The article “Trickle-down Effect, How Water Filters & Softeners Are Evolving” and the results of the Best Buy rating for water softeners can be found in the July/August 2012 issue of Consumers Digest. To read the article online, go to Consumers Digest.

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