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Buying a Home With Well Water in Austin? Here’s What You Should Know

Well Water Softener in Austin

Buying a Home With Well Water in Austin? Here’s What You Should Know

Let’s face it – it’s easy to take water for granted. We make our morning cup of coffee, take a bath, and do our laundry, giving little thought to our water or where it comes from. If you’re buying a home with well water and you’re not used to it, it can seem a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to consider when you have well water in Austin. Here’s what you need to know. 

Condition of the Well

Before buying a home with well water, you should inspect the condition of your well. Find out when it was drilled, the depth, capacity, and quality of the groundwater are all things you need to know.  

Condition of Water System

Your water source isn’t just a well. There is a pump, pressure tank, and pipes involved too. You should know what shape these components are in and if anything should be repaired or replaced. 

Quality of Water

At this point, you should have a professional test your water and analyze the results. Your test should cover the following:

  • Safety
  • Purity
  • pH
  • Presence of minerals and bacteria
  • Radon
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Hardness

If any of these are a problem, it’s time to invest in a water softener for your home. 

How Does a Water Softener Improve Well Water?

Well water that comes directly from the ground is typically hard water and should be filtered to remove potentially harmful impurities. A water softener has many benefits. 

Have you ever gotten out of the shower and still felt dirty? That’s very likely due to hard water. Now, consider this. You rinsed off, yet soap residue remains. Imagine that same grimy residue building up in your pipes. In the long run, hard water can damage your water-dependent appliances and cost you thousands in repairs! 

Investing in a water softener saves money. It provides you and your family with clean, safe water. It preserves the life of your pipes and appliances. The cost of installing a water softener far outweighs the risks of not having one. 

I Have Well Water in Austin, so Who Should Call to Discuss a Water Softener?

Contact the experts at American Water! Schedule your appointment for a free quote by calling us at 512-388-0022. We’ve been in the business of clean water for decades and are happy to help you find the best water softener for your home.

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