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How to Break the Bottled Water Habit

How to Break the Bottled Water Habit

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Tap water is vastly underrated in the wake of a highly popular bottled water craze. The good thing is that more Americans are understanding the importance of maintaining hydration. The bad thing is that with so many people buying bottled water in bulk, landfills and landscapes receive much more waste from bottles and wrappers. So, how do you get out of this bottled water funk?

Why Bottled Water Isn’t Better

Bottled water has become a trend over the course of recent years. For the most part, the bottled water trend has become popular due to the convenience of being able to bring it with you or have it on hand from a nearby vending machine. Unfortunately, bottled water produces tremendous amounts of wasteful plastic packaging. And not everyone recycles it. The plastic from water bottles takes up to 1,000 years in a landfill to decompose.

Tips to Break the Habit

  • Bring a Reusable Water Bottle. Using a reusable bottle is just as convenient as bringing a plastic water bottle, and it also saves money on the cost of purchasing store-bought water. Reducing the amount of plastic bottles required to satisfy public demand each year is also a plus for the environment.
  • Fill Up at Every Faucet. If you do have a reusable water bottle, or even just carry a favorite coffee mug around with you, make sure to refill it at any drinking fountain or faucet you come across to get into the habit. You should find that this habit becomes automatic after just a few weeks of doing so.
  • Water Breaks at Work or School. While at school or at work, getting up every now and then to refill your water mug is a great excuse to clear your head, stretch, and peel your eyes away from work.

Better Water with a Water Softener in Austin, Texas Area

Many people chose to buy bottled because of hard water out of the tap, which often smells and tastes unclean. However, with a water softener accompanied by a dechlorinator, tap water tastes just as good or better than bottled. Softened water produces a crystal-clear unbeatable taste, even by bottled spring water from across the country.

Why waste another plastic bottle when fresh, clean, softened tap water right from your faucet is available? For water with an unbeatable taste and water softeners at an unbeatable price, call American Water in Austin today – (512) 388-0022.

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