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Cost Comparison: Bottled Water Vs Tap Water With Water Softener

Cost Comparison: Bottled Water Vs Tap Water With Water Softener

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Save Money and Save the Planet

If you invest in a filtration system for your home, which is a one-time cost, you will be saving money every time you fill up a reusable water bottle instead of reaching for a disposable one.

If you drink 240 gallons of water a year, that is the same as approximately 1,818 16.9-ounce water bottles a year. If you estimate the disposable water bottles costing about a dollar each, you are spending $4.98 a day on disposable bottles that are hurting the planet.

The Solution is Easy

Whether you are looking for a water softener for a single faucet or a whole house system, this is definitely the solution you have been waiting on. Once you have your new product installed, you can grab a reusable water bottle and feel guilt free filling it up with your refreshing, delicious water without the expense!

Get the Whole Family Involved

A great way to ensure that your family is getting the most out of your new water system is to make sure that the whole family is on board. This may consist of taking a special trip to the store to pick out reusable water bottles for everyone and having a taste test to compare your faucet water to the bottled water that you used to drink. The more individuals that you convince to make the switch, the more money you will save and it will be much better for planet earth!

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