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Best Water Filtration in Pflugerville? Kinetico Mach 4040 – Here's Why!

National Water Quality Month

Best Water Filtration in Pflugerville? Kinetico Mach 4040 – Here's Why!

For clean, pure water, choose a whole-house filter from Kinetico. Enjoy clean, pure tasting drinking water, and save your home’s plumbing and water using appliances when you install the best water filtration in Pflugerville, the Kinetico Mach 4040. Here’s what makes the Kinetico Mach 4040 the best.

The Kinetico Mach 4040 Provides Your Home With Chlorine-Free Water

Chlorine is commonly added to public water as a disinfectant, but it can wreak havoc on water using appliances damaging plastic pieces, washers, seals, and other parts. Removing chlorine from the water improves the health of your showers too. Chlorine is drying to the hair and skin. And, no one likes the smell and taste of chlorine in the drinking water. 

You’ll Get Continual Supply of Conditioned Water

The Kinetico Mach 4040 meets your family’s water usage with a dual-flow tank to  provide a high flow supply of conditioned water. It’s not only effective, but efficient. The non-electric system works on demand.

It Offers Efficient Water Filtration in Pflugerville

The water supply is filtered using a fine mesh resin for supreme efficiency. And again, it’s non-electric, making it energy efficient.

Kinetico Mach 4040 Softens Hard Water

Hard water causes plumbing issues and the build up damages water using appliances. It’s also difficult to clean the build up on faucets. Protect your pipes and appliances, and save money on expensive replacement and repair. Make cleaning easier without build up and soap scum. Enjoy these and enjoy the many more benefits of softened water when you install the Kinetico Mach 4040!

It Comes With An Excellent Warranty

The Kinetico Mach 4040 is guaranteed and backed by the longest comprehensive warranty in the business. Install the Kinetico Mach 4040 with confidence, knowing that it has a history of performance you can trust and an excellent warranty.

Ready to Get the Best Water Filtration in Pflugerville?

The first step is a free comprehensive water evaluation by one of our water professionals. You’ll learn more about your home’s water quality, and our experts will help you choose the right filter to remove water issues and meet your water demand. Schedule your free water analysis and learn more about the Kinetico Mach 4040 by calling us today at 512-388-0202.

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