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Austin Gives Green Light to $500,000 Wastewater Repair Project

Austin Gives Green Light to $500,000 Wastewater Repair Project

Austin Water Utility recently authorized an emergency repair project that would allow $488,000 to go towards repairing the Southland lift station that was damaged during a flood in August. The flood caused a surge of runoff water to infiltrate the station’s dry well through vents, damaging the electrical and motor controls and overflowing sanitary sewer water. As a result, 50,000 gallons of sewage spilled into a South Austin tributary.

While the spill did not affect the city’s water supply, any amount of spillage near Austin’s local waterways could present a health hazard. Currently, the project is being executed on an emergency basis. It is speculated to take about seven months, during which repairs should prevent the lift station from overflowing in the future.

Lift stations are particularly vulnerable during floods and this is not the first time the Southland station has overflowed. Reports in 2014 confirmed a similar incident that caused a 47,000-gallon spillage into the same tributary.

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