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Are Filtered Water Pitchers Worth It

Are Water Pitcher Filters Worth It?

Water pitchers with filters are a rather common household item these days. Many people feel they are cost effective and convenient. When comparing pitchers that filter to a whole-home water filtration system, are water pitcher filters worth it? 

Why Should I Consider a Whole-Home Water Filtration System Instead of Water Pitcher Filters?

You want the water you drink to be clean and safe. Have you given thought to other ways water impacts your life? That pitcher in your fridge is great, but what about everywhere else? 

Water pitcher filters are helpful but certainly not ideal for anything other than filtering small amounts of drinking water. Here’s why:

Pipes and appliances: Hard water and water that is filled with potentially harmful contaminants is just as bad for your pipes and appliances as it is your body. Over time, the buildup of contaminants can cause significant damage to your plumbing and water-dependent appliances. Save yourself a fortune by installing a whole-home filtration system. 

Health / water intake: Water pitcher filters aren’t always immediately effective. Some take time to do their job. This actually can lead to drinking less water than you should. A whole-house filter gives you access to water whenever you want it – no wait time necessary. 

Something serious to consider when asking, “Are water pitcher filters worth it,” is that hard water has been linked to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. There are other medical conditions that may result from drinking hard water, so why risk your health? 

Your skin and hair: Do you plan to use your filtered water pitcher when you bathe? Probably not. The same residue that can build up in your pipes ends up on your skin if you’re not using water that’s been through whole-home filtration. Gross! This is especially not ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. 

Time: Think about how often you’ll need to change pitcher filters if you have a big family. Save the time by installing a whole filtration system. 

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