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AISD quells parents’ fears of lead in water fountains

AISD quells parents’ fears of lead in water fountains

Parents of Austin Independent School District students have been told that their childrens’ drinking fountains have been cleared of suspicion of lead through recent tests. The district released a report in March that said they had not, up until that point, been testing their water for lead, inciting the fearful reaction from parents.

One fountain at Zavala Elementary School was found to have higher levels of lead than acceptable, but the district quickly removed the fountain and did more extensive testing at that school. Their results found that no other tested school or fountain at Zavala had lead content above what is safe.

Though lead testing is not required in the area, AISD has many schools that are over 50 years old, making them more likely to have lead fixtures that would contaminate the water, leading to concerns.

Paul Turner, AISD’s executive director of facilities, stated that the response to parent worries was done simply out of an abundance of caution rather than any serious concerns.

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