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9 Signs You Need a Water Softener in Cedar Park

A softener helps to reduce minerals from your water supply, eliminating hard water. There are many signs that homeowners may need a water softener in Cedar Park. Some of the signs of hard water are obvious, but others aren’t.

Here are some indicators that it may be time to install a water softener.

  1. You have hard water stains on your faucets, drains, and / or water dispenser on your fridge. Mineral residue can look like plaster or plaque and be very hard to clean.
  2. Your skin and / or hair is really dry and itchy. Hard water can dry out hair and skin, leaving it feeling itchy. It can even take a toll on your nails!
  3. Your clothes look dingy after being washed, and you need to use fabric softener. Just like it can dry out your body, hard water can dry out your clothes, making them stiff. It can leave mineral deposits on your clothing, too.
  4. Your drinking water tastes bad. Excess minerals in your water can leave it tasting and / or smelling chalky.
  5. Your dishes don’t look clean and / or your glassware breaks easily. Hard water can make it difficult to make your dishes sparkle and shine like they should. It can even make glassware brittle and leave it susceptible to breakage.
  6. Your coffee maker or other appliance that uses water has buildup. Just like hard water can cause stains on your faucets and dishes, they can build up on appliances that use water.
  7. You’ve experienced a lot of plumbing issues. If you have PVC pipes, you don’t have to worry as much about hard water. But those with steel pipes and hard water may have constant plumbing issues. Mineral buildup can restrict water flow and pressure, which can lead to a host of issues such as leaky valves.
  8. You’ve received a hard water test / water quality report that says your water contains more than seven grains per gallon of magnesium or calcium. A water report can tell you levels of various minerals coming from your water supply.

If you have hard water, it’s time for a water softener in Cedar Springs.

A home water test can indicate what minerals are present in the water coming into your house. A home water test from a water softener professional can help determine what type of softener is best for you, especially if you have well water. Contact your local water softener experts to see which product can best handle your home’s needs.


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