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6 Ways to Maintain the Health of Your Water Filter in Killeen

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6 Ways to Maintain the Health of Your Water Filter in Killeen

Today, even the most advanced filtration system will have a tough time cleaning your water. Over the course of its lifecycle, your water filter in Killeen will get clogged up due to overuse. It will need regular maintenance along with timely replacements to ensure your water supply is pure.

Here are 6 things you can do to maintain the health of your water filter in Killeen.

1. Read up on the Instructions

If yo’re like most people, you’re probably thinking who’s got time for instruction manuals?

Well, most instruction manuals contain essential instructions (usually bare bone information) to inform owners of the dos and don’ts about the water filtration system. Some of these instructions are very specific to your device and may not be easily found online. It helps to keep the instruction manual close by to help you assemble, disassemble, install, and troubleshoot the device when it’s time.

Some DIY-ers only realize too late that consulting the manual should have been done before they got around to dissecting their water filter in Killeen.

2. Set up a Maintenance Schedule

We take our water filtration systems for granted and assume they will continue to stay in pristine condition forever. But take it from us; nothing is more dangerous than a clogged up water filter since it’s no longer doing what it’s supposed to. If cleaning the water filter is the last thing on your to-do list, then make sure to set up prompt reminders on your phone.

3. The Replacement Cartridge should be Compatible

Too many people end up buying an incompatible filter for their water system in Killeen. This isn’t good because the quality of your water will change depending on the filter. An incompatible filter cartridge will not purify your water. This is why it’s a good idea to keep a few spare filters in case you need to manage unplanned replacements. Some owners look for incompatible filters since they’re short on time.

4. Storing Spare Filters

Speaking of spare filters, you also have to look after the storage conditions of your filters. If the environment is hot, moist, and dusty, the filter won’t last more than a few days and will lose its efficiency. Make sure to not lose the original packaging of your cartridges because these will help them last longer.

5. Handle Filters Carefully

Not all filters are created equal; some are more sensitive than others. This includes UV lamps and ceramic filter candles that are known to lose their efficiency when they’re dropped from a height. Worse still, the signs of damage won’t be too obvious to an untrained person. As a general rule, if you dropped your filter accidentally, consider replacing it because the core of the filter may be compromised.

6. Don’t Reuse Filters

Discard the old filter once you’re done using it. Don’t reuse it because the dislodged contaminants won’t disappear into thin air. Most water filters have a limited life cycle and once they’ve absorbed a set amount of contaminants, they become virtual hot spots for bacterial growth. The best course of action is to dispose of your old water filter in Killeen.

Need more maintenance tips or need an expert to have a look? Get in touch with experts at American Systems.


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