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5 Things To Know About Whole Home Water Softeners in Bastrop

Whole Home Water Softener Bastrop TX

5 Things To Know About Whole Home Water Softeners in Bastrop

Hard water is an unwelcome presence in many homes. It can be the culprit behind plumbing issues, mineral deposits, and even broken appliances. Whole home water softeners in Bastrop remove excess minerals ensuring soft water is supplied to the entire household.

1. What Hard Water Is

Hard water is water that has been tested and shown to contain excess minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. Water specialists use a classification system to determine the hardness or softness of a water supply based on the concentration of  calcium carbonate.  

2. Problems Caused By Hard Water

Soap scum and mineral buildup on your faucets is one of the aesthetic issues from hard water. But mineral buildup also happens in your pipes and appliances. The minerals clog plumbing and appliances and mean costly repairs and replacements. Soaps also do not lather as well in hard water and lose their cleaning power.

3. How to Choose Whole Home Water Softeners in Bastrop

Professionals consult with you to best meet the water needs of your household. The hardness of your water and the volume used in your home are key factors in choosing the right water softener. Kinetico brand systems offer both single and dual tank systems and use the kinetic energy of running water, making them both environmentally conscious and cost effective. 

4. How Whole Home Water Softeners in Bastrop Work

Water softeners either have a single or dual tank containing resin beads. Water filters through charged resin beads, which attract the positively charged hard particles. As the water flows through the unit, the resin releases its ions and trades them for the calcium and magnesium ions, so the outflowing water is soft. 

5. Benefits Of Whole Home Water Softeners

Reduced mineral build up means healthier appliances and pipes. Softer water lathers better leaving your laundry and YOU cleaner. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin caused by hard water, adding a whole home water softener in Bastrop helps.

If you’re ready to learn more about installing whole home water softeners in Bastrop, the experts at American Water help you understand your water quality issues and work to find a solution. We work hard to understand your households individual water useage and needs. Call us today at 512-388-0022 to schedule your free in-home water test.

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