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5 Interesting Facts About Your Water Supply You Probably Didn't Know

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5 Interesting Facts About Your Water Supply You Probably Didn't Know

We all know that water is essential to life, so prioritizing the quality of your home’s water is an investment not only in your home, but in your health. Here are 5 interesting facts about your water supply you probably didn’t know.

Number One: Most Water Supply Comes From Municipal Sources

Nearly 90% of Americans get their water from municipal sources, or public water supply. Only a small percentage of water comes from a well-water source. 

Number Two: Americans Drink A LOT of Water

It is estimated that we drink around a billion glasses of water a day in this country. Cut down on costs and plastics by drinking water from your tap. Installing a drinking water filtration system and / or water softener system delivers clean, tasty water at the tap.

Number Three: Watch Out For Old Pipes and Ground Contamination

Even if your home is supplied by municipal sources, it can still contain contaminants. Getting your water tested with an in-depth analysis helps you learn more about your water quality. Contaminants may come from old water pipes or ground contamination.

Number Four: Most Tap Water Contains Fluoride and Chlorine

Public water has fluoride added as a cavity preventative. And you’ve probably noticed the chlorine smell from your water. Installing a drinking water system filters out additives for tastier water. A reverse osmosis system filters out fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, lead, and more. 

Number Five: Water Consumption Is Up Over 100% Since 1950

We use a lot of water, and sadly, much goes down the train. Conserve water by shutting off faucets while brushing teeth, reducing water in toilet tanks, and fixing leaks. A dripping faucet can waste over 30 gallons a day! 

Ready to Learn More About Your Home’s Water Supply?

Ensure clean, tasty water at the tap by requesting your detailed in-home water report, and then installing the appropriate water system to resolve any issues. Contact American Water today for a complimentary analysis at 512-388-0202.

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