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5 Benefits of Water Filtration in Georgetown

Water Filtrations Georgetown

5 Benefits of Water Filtration in Georgetown

Your home benefits from installing a water filtration system if it struggles with water supply issues from hard water. Caused by excess minerals, hard water may seem harmless, but it can cause many issues. Whole-home systems are the most comprehensive and efficient solution to provide your home with a steady supply of clean water and avoid plumbing problems and issues with appliances. Here are 5 benefits you’ll enjoy with water filtration in Georgetown.

1. Ditch the Bottled Water

The number one benefit? Healthy drinking water! You’ll save money on purchasing bottled water when clean water is available at the tap with a whole-home filtration system. The system removes hard water minerals, as well as other contaminants like heavy metals to provide you with safe water. 

2. It’s Easier to Clean Your Home When You Have Water Filtration in Georgetown

Mineral buildup and soap scum looks dirty and is hard to remove.  Filtered water won’t leave build up behind on your tubs and sinks, so it’s easier to keep your home sparkling clean with a water filtration system installed.

3. It Is Economical and Environmentally Friendly

The cost of purchasing bottled water adds up over time. Plastic water bottles aren’t good for the environment. Having clean drinking water at the tap saves you money and helps you do your part to keep waste out of landfills. 

4. You Can Enjoy Better Showers

Filtered water allows soap to lather better and soap’s lather is what gives it cleaning power. Hard water and other contaminants are responsible for shampoos and soaps not cleaning as they should. Also, itchy, dry skin is worsened by minerals and contaminants. Installing water filtration in Georgetown may help lessen skin issues due to hard water and contaminants. 

5. You Avoid Plumbing and Appliance Issues Caused by Hard Water With Water Filtration in Georgetown

Unfiltered water can lead to mineral buildup in plumbing and water-using appliances. Over time, this buildup can clog pipes, leading to costly repairs and more appliance replacements. Water filtration in Georgetown reduces the minerals that can lead to build up, saving your plumbing and appliances.

The professionals at American Water are ready to help you with whole-house water filtration in Georgetown. Find the system perfect for your household’s water usage needs. We have a variety of systems to choose from. Call the experts if you’re ready to see a difference in your water today at 512-388-0022, or book your free in-home water test online now!

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