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4 Benefits of a Whole-Home Water Filter in Georgetown

Water Filtration in Georgetown

4 Benefits of a Whole-Home Water Filter in Georgetown

You may not realize it, but the hard water in your house may be making certain areas of your life less than great. The high mineral content in hard water can damage your pipes, appliances, hair, skin, clothing, and wallet. Luckily, a whole-home filtration system can soften your water and make things easier. Here are four major benefits of a whole-home water filter in Georgetown.

1. Water Filtration Helps Save Your Pipes and Appliances

Minerals can build up in your pipes and appliances to form scale, which can clog water lines and make water-using appliances operate less efficiently. This means that you may end up paying more money on your energy and water bills. If you have hard water, you may also need to repair and replace these appliances and pipes more frequently. 

2. It Can Help Improve Your Hair and Skin

The high amount of minerals found in hard water can adversely impact the look and feel of your hair and skin. The minerals make shampoo and body soap less effective, so your skin and hair can be left with a residue that can weigh down and dry out your hair and skin. This can be especially bad if you have any skin conditions. Rather than trying new skin treatments and creams, consider seeing if softer water will improve your hair and skin. 

3. A Water Filter in Georgetown Helps Protect Your Clothes

Similar to your shampoo and body soap, laundry detergent can also be made less effective by hard water. This means that your clothing will not get as clean with hard water, and the detergent will leave a residue. Laundry cleaned with hard water often lasts less time and it is less durable. Having a whole-home water filter installed can help you keep the clothing you love longer.

4. You Can Save Money

If you soften your water, you will have to pay for fewer appliance repairs and replacements, less fancy skin and hair products, and less clothing, plus you can save money on your energy and water bills. 

Find a Fantastic Whole-Home Water Filter in Georgetown at American Water

At American Water, we have great options available so that you can get the best whole-home water filter in Georgetown. Improve all these aspects of your home-life and more with the perfect system for you and your house. Schedule your free in-home water test today by giving us a call at 512-388-0202.

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