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4 Great Benefits of a Water Softener in Round Rock

Water Softener Round Rock TX

4 Great Benefits of a Water Softener in Round Rock

Hard water affects many homes and over time, the excess minerals can lead to costly plumbing and appliance repairs in addition to many other health and aesthetic issues. A water softener in Round Rock for your whole home is a wise investment and provides softened water to your entire household.

1. A Water Softener in Round Rock Means Healthier Pipes and Appliances

Excess minerals can build up in your plumbing leading to costly repairs. The same goes for appliances, as mineral build-up blocks water lines, shortening their life and leading to costly repairs and replacements. Whole-home water softeners reduce the minerals, so build-up cannot occur and water can flow freely.

2. You Get Cleaner Clothes and Fixtures

Hard water causes soap scum, making faucets and all your fixtures look less than clean no matter how hard you scrub. Soap lathers best in softened water, removing residue. Your clothes will come out cleaner in the wash after installing a softener. Cleaning products will work better as well, leaving your kitchen and bath tubs looking sparkling. 

3. You’ll Have Better Showers With a Water Softener in Round Rock

Softened water helps your shampoo and soap work better leaving your hair and skin feeling cleaner after a shower. Also, many people suffer from itchy, dry skin or even rashes when the water is hard. Installing a whole home water softener in Round Rock supplies better quality water to all your plumbing fixtures on demand. 

4. Tastier Drinking Water Comes Straight From the Tap

You’ll save on bottled drinking water and have a tastier water supply with softened water. Hard water can change the taste and smell of water from the tap.

Your household’s usage and water quality helps determine which system best fits your needs. Kinetico brand systems use the kinetic energy of running water, making them both environmentally conscious and cost effective.

If you’re ready to learn more about installing a water softener in Round Rock, our experts at American Water can help you understand your specific water quality and work with you to find a solution. Call our specialists today at 512-388-0022 to schedule your free in-home water test, or schedule your appointment online.

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