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4 Answers to FAQs About Water Softener Installation in Bastrop

Does a Water Softener in Bastrop Filter Water

4 Answers to FAQs About Water Softener Installation in Bastrop

Water softeners are game changers when it comes to your home’s water supply. For hard water issues, installing a water softener removes excess minerals, so water is soft as it flows through pipes, appliances, and at your taps. Thinking about getting water softener installation in Bastrop? Here are some answers to questions we frequently see from interested homeowners.

1. How Do I Determine The Size I Need?

A water professional is your best source of information when deciding what type and size water softener you need. It’s their area of expertise. That’s why it’s so important to hire a water specialist for water filters, and save your plumber for issues with your pipes. That said, your water usage is largely determined by the number of people living in your household and the grains of hardness detected in your water. From here, grain capacity is determined.

2. What Exactly Is Grain Capacity for Water Softener Installation in Bastrop?

Grain capacity is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right water softener. A water softener has a maximum number of grains of water hardness it can remove before needing to regenerate. You want to make sure your water softener installation can handle your usage. A higher rating also is more efficient. The less often it needs to regenerate, the less water is wasted.

3. How Does Regeneration Work?

Your water softener has resin beads that remove the excess minerals from your water supply. When regeneration is needed, the resin beads go through the regeneration process. They are rinsed, minerals are drained off, and then the system is ready again.

4. What Can I Expect on the Day of Water Softener Installation in Bastrop?

Once you’ve selected your water softener, a professional takes care of the installation and ensures that the system is functioning properly. Hard water flows into the softener, minerals are removed by the resin beads, and soft water flows out of the softener and throughout your house as needed. A computer inside the system keeps track of water flow and regenerates when needed. You don’t need to do a thing except enjoy better water quality!

If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of water softener installation in Bastrop, contact our professionals at American Water today. We have the experience you need to select and install just the right system for your household. Learn more by calling us at 512-388-0202!

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