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3 Reasons Your Business Needs Bottleless Water Coolers in Round Rock

Bottleless Water Coolers Round Rock TX

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Bottleless Water Coolers in Round Rock

Searching for a drinking water solution for your commercial enterprise? Bottleless water coolers in Round Rock may be just what you need! Bottleless coolers with carbon filtration help to eliminate chemicals and impurities in your water by treating it at a molecular level. Additional filters can help remove bacteria and other contaminants as well. Here are three resaons why your business needs a bottleless water cooler.

1. Bottleless water coolers in Round Rock reduce waste and plastic dependency.

We all know how problematic our dependency on plastic water bottles has become, including the toll it is taking on the environment. By eliminating the need for plastic bottles, these water dispensers reduce waste sitting in landfills. Plastic takes roughly 300 years to decompose, so the less sitting in the landfill for multiple lifetimes, the better.

2. They are cost efficient.

Water delivery can be quite costly. The average cost is about $125 for a company with 10 to 20 employees. This is cheaper than bottled water, but not as cost effective as bottleless water coolers that you can fill up with your own water. You avoid delivery fees and pricey water jugs. The cost per gallon in only about $.002 to .003 per gallon. That’s less than one-third of a penny per gallon, while water delivery typically costs over $1 per gallon. The cost savings can really add up over time! Your company can save over $100 per month with a bottleless water cooler.

3. You have control over your water supply, not an outside party.

If security is a concern in your industry, then a bottleless water system can help you maximize safety. With control over your own water supply, you don’t have to worry about security threats to it. Some entities within industries such as the military, law enforcement, banks, healthcare, and manufacturing facilities choose to go bottleless, so that no one has outside access to their water supply.

There are many more benefits to water coolers designed without an external water feeder. For instance, there is no heavy lifting to switch out bottles, and you don’t have to wait for water delivers. For a free quote on bottleless water coolers in Round Rock, contact us today!

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