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3 Reasons to Choose Water Softener Installation in Dripping Springs

Water Softener Installation Dripping Springs TX

3 Reasons to Choose Water Softener Installation in Dripping Springs

Water softeners are becoming increasingly popular in areas around Austin, Texas due to their ability to treat hard water. Softeners, or ion exchange units, help eliminate minerals such as calcium and magnesium from tap water. This ion exchange trades out the unwanted minerals for softening salts. There are many benefits to water softener installation in Dripping Springs, but here are just three.

1. Your laundry will look cleaner and feel softer than ever with water softener installation in Dripping Springs.

Hard water can leave mineral deposits on your clothes that can cause them to look faded and dingy. It also makes it harder for clothes to get clean, as it’s not as easily absorbed in clothing. Softened water helps to brighten clothes, make them softer to the touch, and is able to clean clothes much more effectively.

2. So will your skin!

It’s not just your clothes that will benefit from the elimination of hard water. Your skin, and even your hair, is better able to retain moisture with softened water. The experience of bathing or showering after you’ve had a water softener installed is much improved, as the unit can even help improve water flow. Hard mineral deposits can cause water pressure to decrease.

3. A water softener saves you time and money.

No need to buy expensive cleaners specifically made for hard mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures. And you can reclaim all your time spent trying to scrub and scrub and scrub on those hard water spots! Not only can you save time cleaning and money on cleaning supplies, but softened water can extend the life of your appliances that use water, such as your washer, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

Ready to speak with a water professional who can help you decide if a softener might be right for your home? Call us today at 512-388-0022! We offer free in-home water tests to help determine your water quality. Then, our hard water experts can help you choose the right water softening product for your home based on your water usage. Even if you have well water, you can benefit from a water softener installation in Dripping Springs.

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