Austin Drinking Water Systems

At American Water, our Austin water filter specialists understand how valuable clean, pure drinking water can be for Austin-area residents. Our line of Kinetico drinking water systems can ensure your water, whether it is supplied by a private well or local municipality, is free of any contaminants. This is particularly important considering that even when a municipality’s water is treated to meet all federal guidelines, it may contain bacteria, viruses, protozoa, or a number of other contaminants.

To better understand what contaminants may be in your Austin-area drinking water, one of our Austin water filter specialists can perform a free and comprehensive water analysis and then suggest a drinking water system that can perfectly meet your needs and expectations. Our line of Kinetico drinking water systems can provide Austin-area residents with the exceptional quality of bottled water without all of the plastic bottle waste.

K5 Drinking Water Station


As Kinetico’s most advanced reverse osmosis system to date, the K5 is certified to cleanse more contaminants from water than any other system. This impressive system features:

  • High levels of water production – over 40 gallons a day
  • Efficient, non-electric, and automatic operation
  • Eight separate cartridge options to meet users’ specific needs
  • A guaranteed strong water stream thanks to the station’s QuickFlo Technology
  • Designer faucet options that are exclusive to this system
  • Quick disconnect filters
  • EverClean® Rinse
  • A 10-year warranty

To learn more about the superior K5 Drinking Water Station, please call one of our Austin water filter specialists today.


K5 dedicated lead free designer faucets are available in a variety of finishes to match your decor.

AquaKinetic – A200


The AquaKinetic water filtration system balances the effectiveness of reverse osmosis technology with a more economical and practical option for Austin-area residents who want clean, pure-tasting water. This system features:

  • A space-efficient, compact size
  • A convenient faucet, free of lead
  • Quick disconnect filters
  • An economical drinking water system
  • Automatic shutoff

To learn more, please contact the Austin water filter specialists at American Water.

MACguard Filter


For Austin-area residents who are looking to just eliminate any unpleasant tastes or odors from their water, the MACguard water filter system may be the best Kinetico product to meet their needs. This system offers users:

  • An affordable, convenient drinking water system
  • Attractive, lead-free faucets
  • A filter life indicator
  • Quick disconnect filters

To learn more about the MACguard system, please contact American Water‘s Austin water filter specialists.

Contact an Austin Water Filter Specialist Today

The Austin water filter specialists at American Water have over 28 years of experience helping Austin-area residents choose drinking water systems that are right for their households. We understand how highly Austin residents value the quality of their drinking water, and our Kinetico drinking water systems offer Austin households clean, fresh-tasting water. To speak with one of our Austin water filter specialists, please call (512) 388-0022.


Not sure how reverse osmosis works? check out this video: